The Messenger Ministry Network

(TMMN Arms)

Outreach Arm

Faithfulness in ministry isn’t just keeping the doors of the church open, hoping people will walk in. It means finding ways to take the good news to them, whether they are in another neighborhood, subculture, language group, or country. (Mark 16:15-16, Matthew 28:19)
To fulfill the mandate TMMNETWORK has an arm called the messenger which is responsible for evangelism, outreaches, prayers.

Counselling Arm

As the pace of life quickens, pressure mounts. In these times, everyone needs help to heal, grow and find direction at different points of their lives. To meet this deepening need, TMMN has established a counseling arm, where you meet with seasoned counselors to share your needs with. (Proverbs 11:14)


This is the drama arm of the ministry which storms the rural villages and mission field with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus through live drama and film outreaches.

The arm handles Gospel Drama ministrations and productions.

It organizes:

  • Special Sunday drama ministrations,
  • Power nights drama ministrations,
  • Events Drama,
  • Drama festivals,
  • Drama crusade (stage and film outreach), etc.

The media and communication arm

This is the arm of the ministry responsible for spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ using online and offline media’s

Online media

As a ministry we aim at reaching all nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to reach the unreached souls in remote and furthest corners of the Earth and tell them that Jesus Saves, Heals and Delivers; and Jesus is coming Soon. We achieve this through; TMMN Radio a 24/7 online radio station using the available online media platforms.

This arm is responsible for the:

  • web live stream (video and audio),
  • High quality sound production,
  • lighting, Recording (video and audio) etc.

Electronic and Print Media

  • Books,
  • tracts,
  • Magazines (THE MESSENGE),
  • and other forms of publication.