Are you still on the way?

Are you still on the way?

We are glad to note that you have given your life to Jesus Christ, baptized in the Holy Ghost, attending church regularly, but still indulge in secret and open sins as clearly explained in Galatians 5:19-21, Romans 1:28-32.

You still give yourself to the things of the world just like the people of the world. Then ask yourself, “are my still on the way?”

It is not by confession alone but rather by living a godly life. Except the athlete competes according to the rule there will be no reward (2Timothy 2:5).

Do not be deceived by your position in church or by the encomium you received from the people around you. Evaluate your life in line with God’s word, retrace your steps and come back to Jesus today.

No matter how far you have gone in SIN, Jesus is still willing and waiting to welcome you back home. It’s only those in Him he will call to Himself in His glory soon.

This world will expire soon and Jesus will return to take those that are spotless and blameless home. Jesus loves you.

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